Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birthday Ice Cream Sandwiches

My birthday was a few days ago on June 26. I was at the beach at the time and I couldn't invite any friends.  I had had to celebrate my my 11th b-day some how. So I made these yummy ice cream sandwiches! They're perfect for a sleep over or party!

You Need
cookies (soft)
ice cream
candles (optional)

First lay out 2 cookies of your choice and put the ice cream of your choice on 1 of the cookies. (You can make the cookies or buy them)

Then place the other cookie on top of the one with ice cream. Oh, and if the ice cream is messy around it you can smooth it out.  

To decorate your sandwich pour sprinkles of your choice into a bowl or container. (I used the ice cream top)

To coat it you can either roll the part with the ice cream showing into the sprinkles or pick up the sandwich and sprinkle the sprinkles on. (can't wait to taste)  

As you make them immediately place them in the freezer unless you want an ice cream puddle. :)

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