Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Pudding

IT'S EARTH DAY! I have a fun idea that's tasty too. This snack is perfect for earth day. It has "mud", "dirt", "grass', and "flowers!" Today is a day to show how much you love the earth. So eat this tasty treat and then you'll k,now how good the really can be!


4 chocolate pudding cups
1 cup coconut
green and red food coloring
a big pinch of fondant 
edible pearls (forgot to add in photo)
12 oreos
gummy worms

Empty your 4 pudding cups in a shallow pan or bowl

While adding pudding often drop the gummy worms in 

Now crush up the oreos until really small and sprinkle them on top and cover up the pudding as good as you can.

Now take the coconut and put about 7 drops of green food dye in it and mix it with your hands, if you don't mind having green hands! (use tongs if you want)

Then take the fondant and add 2 drops of red food coloring (use crisco so it won't stick) and take a small flower cookie cutter then cut out flowers. Finally add the pearl in the middle and top it off.

I hope you had fun making this. i also hope you now know that when you do a good job making the earth pretty, you'll get a wonderful come back. Enjoy earth day, I LOVE YOU EARTH! :)